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Update 1/25/16

Hello again Dungeon Delvers!

This weekend the party decended into the hidden proving grounds of the Cult of Mask, where any who wish to join the ranks of the Cult must prove themselves worthy by clearing every room in a series of trials. Because of unforseen circumstances, this changed in to clearing a bunch of monsters from a dungeon and rushing through because one of the party needed to get going.

This will not be the case next time.

For the rest of the trial the traps and puzzles will be in full effect, and “turned up to 11” as some might say to bring the challenge up to where I really wanted it to be for this task. Randin encounters are great, and can be quite fun, but I’m going for a little more interesting than that with the rest of the dungeon.

Oh yeah, and our next session will be on Saturday February the 13th at 1 pm.

I have just one other housekeeping thing – a couple of you learned after our session last week that multiclassing is a thing and expressed interest in it and/or regret that you didn’t know before you leveled up to third level.

It is important to me as DM that you are alll happy with and invested in your characters. In light of this, I will allow you all to recreate your third level characters as multiclassed characters if you choose. Your newly multiclassed characters must have starting levels in your original class, and one level in a new class. From that point on, don’t hesitate to continue multiclassing as you level up, but bear in mind that while there are some definite benefits to doing so, there are certainly also some drawbacks.

If you elect to multiclass, please send me updated character sheets no later than 2/6/16 so that I have your updated stats and can verify that everything looks good.



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